Newsletters, the future of news.

Yet they live in your cluttered email inbox. Break free.

Features 🚀

✨ Clean, simple interface

Slick is built with readers like you in mind.

It's designed to be simple, and is laser focus on one goal and one goal only — to enable readers like you to enjoy newsletters even more.

🌚 Hello darkness, my old friend

Who doesn't love dark mode? Now you can bathe in that darkness glory.

🚫 No like, no problem

We understand sometimes it just doesn't work out between you and a newsletter, which is why we've made it easy to unsubscribe a newsletter.

No more hunting down unsubscribe links in emails.

One click is all it takes. 👆

🕐 Coming soon..

This is not all! Stay tuned for new features coming soon, including:

  • Discovery 🔎
  • Sharing/Forwarding 🤙
  • Favorite 🌟
  • Archive 📦
  • Custom folders 🗂
  • Statistics 📈
  • Etc..

Don't see the features you want? Write to me here and I'll be happy to consider it!

Why use Slick ❓

Declutter your email inbox.

Free your newsletters.

No more missing out on newsletters because it's buried under the sea of marketing materials.

That 50% offer can wait.

Dedicated place for your newsletters.

Articles belong in a Read-It-Later service, and podcasts belong in a podcast players.

It's time your newsletters have a newsletter reader app.

With a dedicated app to view your newsletters, you can keep track of your subscriptions easily, view all issues from a subscription etc.

Optimized experience

Slick is built for one purpose and one purpose only — newsletters.

You can be sure Slick is laser-focused on optimizing your reading experience.

Convinced yet?

Change the way you read newsletters.

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